Tree Song Shaman
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Soul Singing

This takes listening to an entirely new level. Everything in the universe has it's own vibration and resonance. In a deep listening state, I tap into your unique "song" and sing it back to you as a way of reminding you of your own divine nature.

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Michelle Schulz:

"Denise is a gifted healer. I was privileged to enjoy a soul song session in July 2007. I have been exploring different means over the last two to three years to become more of my true self. I feel that Denise’s soul song helped lift any ‘debris’ I have collected along the way, and it has helped to eliminate obstacles I have put in my own way.

I have starting writing poems and stories again (after years of absence) and I have also written and recorded over 30 guided imagery/self hypnosis Cd’s. It has only been three months and I feel I have accomplished more than I have in previous years. Every time I listen to the recording, I feel I become more in resonance with who I truly am. Thank you Denise for sharing your gift with me. I will treasure it always, and I look forward to more ‘revelations’."