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Healing Quilt Squares



Every living thing, whether animal, plant or human, has its own spirit.  This spirit, although part of the whole, has its own unique vibration, which can be heard as song (soul singing) or seen as aura.  It is nourishing for our spirits to be surrounded either by sounds or colours that it resonates with.  To “resonate” with something means to vibrate at the same frequency. 

I call these “healing quilts” because they incorporate the colours or themes of your own spirit and so create a visual reminder of Who You Are.

There are many ways to choose the colours of your healing quilt.  If you’ve ever had a numerology session, you’ve probably been told what your colours are.  That’s a good place to start, although even just knowing your principal numbers will guide me towards colour choices.

In fact you don’t need an “expert” to choose your colours for you.  Intuitively you already know.  Tell me what your favorite 2-4 colours are.  We will choose together the principal colour scheme.  After that, I meditate on your essence and will supplement the pattern, colours and design as guided by Spirit.

Healing quilt squares measure from between 20 inches to 26 inches.  They can be used as an alter cloth or centerpiece cloth laying flat, or they can be made to hang on the wall.  To order a healing quilt square, please make your request using the “Contact me” page.

Please note:  Because each square is an original (just as you are!) made entirely from scratch, I often need time to find the right material and envision the best pattern.  Therefore, expect to wait between 3-6 weeks for the finished product.