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Psych-K™ involves working with people either one-on-one or at a distance to transform self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones. This process involves muscle-testing to discover where the problem lies and educational kinesthiologie (ie: Brain Gym™) techniques to change it.

For more information about what Psych-K™ is and how it works, please visit the website of the man who brought the method into the world, Rob Williams, at  The following are my own anecdotes and lessons experienced while working with this technique.  It is not meant to replace in any way instruction from a qualified instructor of the method.  Although I am a Psych-K™ facilitator, I am not an instructor.  My stories are informed by my shamanic practice and not necessarily representative of the common experience.

If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.

Henry Ford

What Henry Ford was referring to is absolutely true.  We are who we believe we are.  We can do what we believe we can do.  What exactly do you believe about yourself?


Do you believe that life is hard? 

That you don’t deserve to be happy?
That you’ll always have money troubles, or be overweight, or stay in a dead-end job?
Are you convinced that a good, loving relationship only exists in fairy tales?
Do you struggle with uncontrollable fears that get in the way of living your life?

These self-limiting thoughts are junk that clutter up your mind.  They stop you from seeing the possibilities your life holds and get in the way of your happiness and success.

Would you like to create beliefs that might serve you a little more?

Let’s do a little Inner cleaning together!  Change your beliefs about yourself and see your life change too.

To request a Psych-K ™session with Denise, either in person, or as distance healing, please use the information on the Contact page.

Colette Acheson, Calgary, AB

Colette AchesonSeveral years ago, I was caught in a difficult place in my life dealing with a bad relationship with a supervisor, breaking up with a man who I loved but wasn't good for me, quitting smoking and in conflict with my teenagers. My soul had been telling me that I had to let something go, but I thought I needed the job, the salary and benefits and so I was ignoring those whispering voices. My soul's answer was to bring me to a dead stop; severe panic attacks and anxiety when driving to supervise my caseload across a wide geographic area. Everytime I had to drive over a bridge/overpass or pass another vehicle, I experienced physical symptoms of heart pounding and asthma-like gasping for air coupled with graphic mental images of my car falling onto the concrete below or of being tangled in the wheels of the big semi truck beside me. I had a serious breakdown and had to leave that job, lost relationship with one of my daughters and went into a serious depression.

Over time, I put myself back together but the panic and anxiety when driving stayed with me despite drugs, therapy, and a variety of self-help practices, and my life just got smaller and smaller. After 5 years dealing with this, I had accepted that this was my reality and believed I had to accept feeling crippled by these experiences and powerless to change.

One day you told me about Psych-K, and one of the first things you told me was that Psych-K works really well on irrational fears. Well, you know how that came out. We did the first session on a Thursday, that very next weekend I drove to Calgary and it was GONE... I could not believe it. Although I still have a bit of fear relating to heights, and may never choose to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, the emotional and physical symptoms have not recurred in any setting since that day. Thank you, I love you and am grateful for all the gifts you bring into my life.

Bernie Baragar

In the last 3 or 4 years I have been on a journey of self discovery and creating the life of my dreams. It has often been an uphill battle.
I have struggled with my relationship with my husband, my children, my parents, my siblings, my jobs/coworkers, God, and most definitely myself. I suffered with depression for years. I was on medication for depression. My husband and I were separated for 2 years. One of my children chose to live in a homeless shelter rather than live at home in our family home. Life was hard and for years and years I believed it was as good as it would ever get; that I didn't deserve any better, and it was only because I was too lazy or stupid or incompetent to deserve any better.

I have read some amazing and life changing books. I have taken some amazing and life changing personal development courses. I have worked really hard to see myself and others a different way, with varying degrees of success. Despite the blood, sweat and tears (literal and symbolic) that I have experienced through the process of evolving myself, my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors still reflected beliefs of unworthiness and incompetence.

The work I have done with Denise and PYSCH K has CREATED new belief systems. The changes have been subtle, but profound. At the end of a PYSCH K session, I would think "That was easy. But what does it mean?". I was happy to
help and support Denise as she developed her skill. She wanted me to help her practice and so I did. My expectations weren't that high. I had done so much WORK in terms of reading, courses, etc. and I thought further internal change would require more WORK on my part. I know now that the process I engaged in with Denise seemed so easy because of her intuitiveness, professionalism, skill and good heart. There is no question in my mind that the benefits of PYSCH K have CREATED new belief systems that serve and support me everyday.

I deserve all the best that life and love have to offer! I absolutely forgive my parents and boldly step forward NOW into the life of my own creation. I accept with joy and pleasure and gratitude the door which opens onto golden opportunity for me now! I am the love and the beauty of Life in full expression! Life is easy and fun! Life is good! My life now (based on results) reflects these and many more powerful beliefs, just as it reflected the powerful negative beliefs from my past.
My relationships no longer support beliefs that I am a victim. I feel loved and supported in every moment of my life. At home, at work, with my parents, my children, my husband. I am no longer on medication and can't fathom needing it again. I don't have to prove myself. I do what I want. My friends want ' what I've got '. Life is GOOD!


A Psych-K Dream

I am in a classroom with blue walls on two sides.  The other sides of the room are wide open to the sky.  In fact the whole classroom is floating in the sky. 

The Wise Ones are teaching me something about Psych-K.  Another person is demonstrating the lesson.  This person goes into one of the Psych-K postures.  “Yes, yes, I know this part already.” I say impatiently.  “Wait and watch” I am told.

I observe the person in the process of balancing a belief.  Faintly at first, but then stronger and more clearly, I see that there is a stream of energy flowing towards them on one side and away from them on the other.  The points of origin of this stream are beyond my perception.  “Time” one of the Wise Ones explains.

Then another image appears.  I see now that the person is enclosed in a transparent bubble of light that has a long, thin cord attached to it.  Where the cord is attached at the other end is also beyond my perception. “Timelessness” I am told.

Now I see that while in the posture the person connects to the energy of timelessness.  It’s this deep state that is the “magical place” where the new belief can become anchored into their being.  I get it! 

So much is clear to me now.  I thank the Wise Ones and return home.