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Journey to the Mother July 2008

I ask to journey with Owl in order to better understand the purpose and focus of my new book and to ask for guidance in accomplishing this.

Instantly I am with my council of Elders.  I greet each one, through brief eye contact a small bow on my part.  Their faces are somber.  They do not speak; Wise Woman, Twin Woman, Bear-man, Shining man; now I am beginning to wonder, have I done something wrong? – Sewing woman, her assistant, Intense man – he holds my gaze a little longer and I wonder what he is seeing or sensing in me – and Laughing man, who still radiates an aura of joy but who is not laughing today.

Greetings completed, I stand to address the Elders “Greetings Elders, it is I…”  Wise woman interrupts “We know why you are here, Denise.  Sit.”  Her voice is not unkind, but it is firm and I sit immediately in silence.  (One does not argue with or question Wise Woman!)

All are staring at the fire, so I look there too.  The logs spit and crackle. Buildings fall, flooding engulfs other areas. Are these scenes of destruction?  Of Armageddon?  I don’t understand what I see. 

All is still and I hear a voice within me “Request a dismemberment journey, Denise and come join me.”  Instantly my body is dust and sinks into the Earth, like sand sifting through gravel.

I am in the Mother, of the Mother and my skin is itchy from the poisonous, toxic substances being poured in her, on her each day.   I rub my back and cities fall.  No movement of the Mother is without consequence for the surface dwellers.  If her intention were to rid herself of those causing her discomfort ALL would perish and none would remain and the end would be swift; but she is a mother and loves her creation; the two-legged, the four-legged, the winged ones, the swimmers, the creepy-crawlies, the rocks, the water, all are loved.  Still there is a feeling of exasperation…

 I sink further, down, down, down.  Now I am in a round, smooth room, with doors all around.  I turn and the Mother is there, old yes, ancient in fact, but still beautiful and strong.  The energy of all life flows through her and from her.  Her shape shifts from an old bent woman with a cane to a woman my age straight and tall with a staff.  This is the still center.

“How can I serve you?” I ask, humbly.
“The time of cleansing is at hand.  Many will die.”
“So it is too late already?”
“No, some will choose to move forward differently.  Some will see the connection and know their actions have consequences.”
“But we all will die anyway.  Death is inevitable.”
“Yes your death is inevitable…and then the resurrection.  How many will go to the Father?  How many will allow their spirit to rise?  How many will I absorb and wash their souls clean again through the rocks washing on the beach and the waves beating on the shores?”
“You wish for me to tell of Armageddon?”
“No.  That word is not the one.  But know yourself that the purpose of your work has deep consequences.  Do not take it lightly.”
“How can I serve you?”
“Only love has any power.  Teach them to love me again.”

The callback begins.  I thank the Council.  I thank the Mother.  I look at Owl and take my leave.

Journey to the Water Goddess November 2008

One of the ancient names for the Water Goddess is Sulis.  That is how I referred to her during this journey.

In November of 2008, Michelle Schultz and I decided to work together in order to access messages from “Earth Speaker”, the name given to me by the trees at Crescent Falls during my annual Vision Quest that summer.  Michelle is a fellow Psych-K practitioner and a hypnotherapist in the Calgary area.  We had some interesting experiences combining shamanic journey and deep regression hypnosis, and found it to be a very effective tool.

Since my initial journey to the Mother, in which I had been told of upheaval and transition for the planet, many events have occurred.  During my Vision Quest I had been told that a rupture in the pipelines of Northern Alberta was possible.  In the Fall of 2008 three attempts had been made to blow up the pipeline near Dawson Creek B.C., very close to the Alberta border.

As well, many other non-environmental calamities have struck the world; food riots, the global economic collapse, with all repercussions being felt by ordinary people becoming more common place.  Michelle and I decided that, if there was more information available on how to provide people with comfort and hope during this time, it was worth a try.  What follows is the result of a shamanic journey I took with the hypnosis assistance of Michelle.

Click here to hear a free 2 ½ minute sample of that session.

Click here to listen to the full 27 minute audio file (Large file - 62MB)

In summary, the information given during this session was a warning that some bodies of water are already at the point of no longer being able to support life.  Since all water circulates endlessly around us and through us, sooner or later, that “dead” water will end up in the cells of our bodies.  Vibration (either light or sound) along with intention and awareness of our dependence on water are the tools needed to purify and clear the “poisons” (anything man-made that was meant to destroy life or to not decompose—plastics as an example) from Water.  Over and over, I was told that if the poisons reached the heart—that part of us that contains the soul—we would be no more.  Also contained on the audio file are songs channeled from the Rain Goddess.