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Spirit Healing

Sometimes while people are consciously working through limiting beliefs, spirit issues that require healing will make themselves known. These issues can take many different forms; that each have their own specific “signature” or appearance and require a particular form of healing.

Because of my shamanic work, I see and communicate very easily with spirits or energetic issues that may arise during Psych-K™ balancing.

Entities are the energies of actual people who have passed on, although in most cases they haven’t passed quite far enough! Some people refer to them as ghosts. I do not work with malicious or evil entities, and am totally protected from encountering them.
(I leave exorcism to priests, thank you!) I have, however, dealt with numerous “lost souls”; people who, for whatever reason did not cross over. None of these people stayed because of malicious intent towards anyone. Often they hung around out of a sense of love or protection for those they left behind. The problem is that they simply don’t belong here. Over time, they become more and more confused and frustrated at not being able to participate fully in this life they continue to witness. At this point they often begin making problems for their “owners”, although not intentionally. I assist these beings in letting go of whatever holds them back and lovingly and compassionately releasing their spirit to the Universe. (Some people refer to this process as bringing them to the light. It’s true that in some cases I do lead them to the column of light shining down from above, but sometimes they just leave and I don’t know where to.)

Imprints are the memory of other people stored in your own subconscious. They are not entities because the actual person has moved on; but their memory is so strong that the subconscious believes that person is still there, actively influencing the Self. When I hear an energy say something like “You don’t deserve to be happy” or other limiting, hurtful statement I know that it is an imprint. True entities are never that mean! The healing and releasing of the imprint also involves consciously forgiving them to the extent you’re able.

Fragments are what I call parts of a person’s soul that disconnect during a traumatic experience and never developed past that point. They are often the root cause of phobias and obsessive behavior. They take on a life of their own once they are disconnected from the whole, but they are not separate beings. They healing process for them involves integrating the fragment back into the whole.

Energy disturbances are like bruises in a person’s aura; whether in their emotional body, etheric body or whatever other layer they occur in. If a person can remember when the problems began they will often say things like “I felt like I had the air knocked out of me” or “I felt like I had been beat up”; although no physical contact of any kind took place. A person can react this way to an event of betrayal, for instance. An energy disturbance is not a separate entity, nor is it something left behind, but it does block the flow of energy in the person’s auric field. Since we are all composed first and foremost of energy, over time, this blockage could cause physical illness. I bring healing to the traumatized area, by releasing the blockage and restoring the flow of energy.

Usually, people do not know they are suffering from the presence of entities, imprints, fragments or energy disturbances. They only know that something is persistently not right, doesn’t respond to anything they try and they can’t quite put their finger on it.

Animals, because of their open and loving natures, are particularly susceptible to acquiring entities. If your pet has a persistent behavior issue that is resistant to all “normal” forms of training, I would strongly suspect that they have an entity that requires clearing. Luckily, this is a simple and relatively quick process that has immediate results.