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Distance Healing  

Yes, it’s true; I can bring you healing without ever seeing you in person. No, you don’t need to believe in it for it to work.

Healing can be physical, mental or emotional. Do you have physical symptoms or illnesses that doctors can’t explain or treat? I can help. Do you have fears that stop you from fully living your life? I can help. Do you have past experiences that you can’t forgive or move forward from? I can help.

Too good to be true? Why don’t you try it first, and see for yourself? What have you got to lose? More important, think of all that you could gain!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I began offering distance healing, at first just for family and friends, in 1997, when I was initiated to my second degree of Reiki. Since that time, I have continued to explore and learn in order to bring healing to people I will probably never meet.

Since that time, I have learnt shamanic skills as well as the ability to use Psych-K in surrogation for others, and other modalities as well. Throughout this time I have seen miracles and I have seen other situations that appeared unaffected by the healing work, and I have never stopped asking “Why? How? What’s really going on here?”
After all these years of asking those questions, this is how I now understand distance healing.

How does Distance Healing Work?
First, there is so much more to a human being than what meets the eye. We live in our physical bodies. That much is visible to almost everyone. But our physical body is contained within an etheric “body”, a sheath of light, colour and vibration that I am able to see, but which is imperceptible to most. Our etheric body is contained within our astral “body”; the place where our emotions and our beliefs about who we are and what we deserve reside. All of these bodies are held within the spirit body; our eternal selves, the part of us directly connected to the Divine.

There is communication across the boundaries of these three bodies; they are not entirely distinct and separate. Although it is our physical body which expresses illness or discomfort, all disease of any kind originates in the mental and emotional (astral) bodies. Therefore, distance healing almost always involves working on the emotional issues or the beliefs one has about oneself in relationship to others, to the Divine and to the world. In my practice, this happens through a connection that I invite, at your request, between my energetic fields and yours. This is possible because, ultimately, we all come from the same Divine Source, and are One.

Do You Only Offer Physical Healing?
Both of the healing tools I use, Reiki and shamanic healing, work on all layers of the person; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Many of the requests for healing I receive are not about physical issues. Often people are looking for help with karmic issues or difficult life situations or clarity about problems, whether financial, or career-related or relationships. “Healing” encompasses all that and more. Healing is about releasing whatever gets in the way of your living the best and fullest expression of who you are.

What Can I Expect from Distance Healing?
Sometimes the healing work I do has an immediate effect on the physical. In that situation the healing appears to be miraculous…but it is not common. It is more common for people to feel relief come as a trickle, with subtle improvement over a few days or weeks. How long that may take or last is outside of my control or influence. Sometimes, just as with mainstream medicine, it is possible for people to feel immediately worse for a day or two. Believe it or not that is always a good sign, it means that we've stirred things up and that energy has begun to move through your system again. Illness or dis-ease is always caused by energy being stuck somehow. Movement is life and healing.

Second, my role of healer is not to absolve anyone of responsibility for their life. There may be issues that you have been avoiding and that now you will have to face. There may be lifestyle changes you will have to make; or beliefs you will have to work on; all of which are outside of my control. I will be as conscientious as I can in seeking guidance from Spirit as to how best to serve you, but ultimately your life is your responsibility. You must be committed to following through on the exercises or affirmations I suggest to you. I don’t have a magic wand that will heal you in spite of yourself. Usually, my work opens a window where effort on your part is magnified. At the same time, whatever progress I’m able to make can be stalled by your own refusal to engage with the process.

Will I Be 100% Cured By Distance Healing?
Although I have witnessed many miracles, in my experience most deep healing takes place in layers. What you might see is 1) a significant reduction in your physical symptoms OR 2) a marked improvement in your ability to function OR 3) a resolution in the situation causing you concern OR 4) noticeable feelings of joy and ease. Three days of healing should be long enough for you to see enough improvement to decide whether or not to continue.

I often get asked to help people who are dying. If a miracle is possible for that person, then it will occur. But please be aware that if it is a person’s time to go, there is NOTHING I can do to change that. I cannot interfere with anyone’s destiny. If I send Reiki, and the person still dies, it will often help them to cross over more peacefully.

Perhaps they will remember that life continues beyond death, and there is really nothing to fear.


Testimonials for Reiki

In Denise, I've truly found someone real, who is genuinely interested in helping others and the world itself just for the sake of helping . I feel blessed just for the fact that I found such a special person and humbled by this inner world I didn't know could be so present in our physical reality.
— Andrès L., October 2012 Panama

(This person had requested healing for his grandfather who had been diagnosed with “a failing liver”.)
Thank you, he is doing great. He feels great and he even quit smoking he seems like a changed man thank you so much for your help.
— Jason B, Nova Scotia

(This person had been suffering from pain and swelling in her wrists and fingers)
Thank You! I would like to thank you so very much for the healing I have never felt so great in such a long while, the pain and swelling is gone, you are the best, Thank You Thank You!
— Janice R


Testimonial of shamanic healing:

In January of 2009 I received a request for distance healing from a gentleman who was waiting for surgery due to blocked arteries. As I went through the process of sending energy and healing, I was clearly shown the image of a cougar ripping the heart out of the man and replacing it with a stronger one. I completed the healing session and communicated the message to him. A week later, I received this e-mail from him:

Here's an update on my surgery...I had one of the treadmill tests done where it showed that I had blockage in one of my arteries in my heart...then after you did my healing...Monday I was rushed to the hospital with chest pains; On Wednesday they did an angiogram (an ultimate test that shows any blockages, damages or anything wrong with my heart) and found absolutely nothing, no blockages. The doctors had no explanation for it, how it just went away. I was amazed that it was gone but I knew that it was the cougar that replaced my heart with a new heart. Thank you for bringing me back to what I've always believed in my whole life, I had stepped away from it for the past 2 years. Thank you for my new spirit guide, it will work wonders with my other guide which is white bear. May the winds blow happiness to you.

Thank you,

— Russ, Calgary

(Please note that although this man experienced a miraculous and permanent healing, at first his symptoms seemed to get worse. This is discussed in the section “What Can I Expect from Distance Healing?)


To request healing:

Reiki is the life force energy of the Universe, and I am happy to offer one session of sending Reiki absolutely free of charge to anyone who requests it. This is one way I express my gratitude to Great Spirit for my gifts of healing. I do not need to know a lot of details about what the ailment or situation is, because Reiki will go where it is most needed. All I require is the full name of the person (or animal) requiring healing.

Shamanic healing is a great deal more time consuming and involved for me.  Shamanic healing means that I intervene with Spirit on your behalf to learn the causes and cures for your condition, and to create whatever energetic shifts are in your best interest and highest good in order to move forward in your life. I will require an initial deposit before beginning the work. I suggest that you offer me the equivalent of two hours of your own salary, however I charge a minimum of $50 per series.

This deposit does not guarantee that you will see immediate results. There are too many factors that are out of my control. This deposit is a sign of your commitment to the process and recognition of my time and energy.

When I receive your request and deposit for shamanic healing, I will do three sessions on your behalf.  I will communicate with you after each session to let you know of any messages I may have received from Spirit, and to let you know if there is anything you must do to support your own healing. When the three sessions are over, my work is complete. If, at a later time, you would like more healing, you would make a new request, and submit another deposit.

Do we need to make an appointment to do the distance healing together?
No. We do not work together. I do the healing sessions on my own, when they fit in my life...usually first thing in the morning or in the middle of the afternoon. After each day’s session I will e-mail and let you know what transpired; if there's "homework" for you to do and if Spirit gave me messages for you.

What forms of payment do you accept?
1. Cheques made out to “Denise Gagne Williamson” and sent to
    P.O. Box 75032
    RPO Cambrian
    Calgary, AB   T2L 1P0

2. PayPal (see link below)

To request healing of any kind please click here.

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